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  • LINE services promotion and branding event, such as POSM, OOH, Press conference, Pop-up Store…etc.
  • LINE inner brand relative product design, such as Business card, Gifts, Trophy…etc.
  • Office interior design support, such as sign and notice
  • Create brand visual guide and also key visual for events
  • Maintain the LINE brand quality on every exposure. Including all the external campaign held by partners and agencies
  • High understanding and detail oriented of the band design structure, direct partners and vendors to meet the guideline and global standards.
  • LINE 相關服務的推廣設計,線下活動製作物如輔銷物、 戶外廣告、記者會、快閃店等
  • LINE 品牌延伸應用設計,如:名片、卡片、證書、獎狀、企業贈禮、獎盃、員工禮品設計
  • 公司內部裝潢設計、軟裝選品及公告、指標設計
  • 品牌相關 Guide book 製作 / 活動主視覺 / Branding 設計
  • 對品牌設計具有高敏銳度和追求細節,並指導合作夥伴或廠商修改其設計物以符合 LINE 品牌規範及標準


Basic Qualifications

  • 5+ years' experience in design area
  • In-depth branding / printing / production knowledge are required
  • Having experience in large integrated marketing campaign / exhibition / interior design
  • Strong portfolio which can present your graphic design ability and skills
  • Having ability to use high-end mirrorless camera and photography skill should be good
  • Logical thinking and good communication skill
  • 五年以上相關工作經驗
  • 需熟知印刷流程並有相關實務經驗,並具有品牌設計相關經驗
  • 有跟行銷密切合作且執行過實體線下戶外活動 / 展覽 / 室內陳設等作品
  • 需會使用基本單眼相機操作
  • 具獨立思考且良好溝通能力能與跨部門協作專案


LINERs we are looking for:

  • Users Rule
  • Perfect Details
  • Build Lean and Exceptional Teams
  • Open Communication
  • Vertical Decision-making
  • 1% Problem-finding, 99% Solution-making


* Please must apply with your resume and portfolio.


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