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We are looking for Technical Program Manager (TPM), responsible for day to day project management, product delivery activities management for the success of the completion of project and tasks.  

You might focus on one big project for longterm or 2-3 small to medium projects concurrently, including in-house or outsourced projects. In the meantime, you have to join with other TPMs to build the standard practices for LINE Taiwan Limited, provide training or support to LINERs from other department.

The main focus of this role is to help local Planner and Engineers (development, QA) to work closely together to accomplish any given project or product. Moreover, you would have a sense of responsibilities to ceasing gaps of communication between multiple stakeholders especially for remote sites.

You will have opportunities to work with global counterparts, exposure to multinational, multi-culture working environment. You will also be connected to internal Global Project Management Community to learn how TPM in other office managing their project and product development processes.

Experienced candidate could be considered as Leader role that perform manager role on this team.

Candidate with less experience we would also consider your application, if you have fundamental knowledge of professional project management methodologies.



In general, TPM has the following responsibilities : 

  • Delivery Management : Organize, Admin, and Supervise the people, processes, tools, within a comprehensive plan to successfully deliver the project or product.
  • Communications Management : Ensure timely and appropriate planning, collection, creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, management, control, monitoring of project information.
  • Role Management : Increase role transparency. Facilitate review/adjustment of roles depending on the situation and teams involved. 
  • Scope Management : Define features and functions of a product, or the scope of work needed to finish a project.
  • Schedule Management :  List activities, deliverables, and milestones within a project.
  • Risk/Issue Management : Identify, Analyze, and Respond to project risks throughout the project.
  • Process Improvement : Analyze/identify different activities in order to enhance the value of the processes.
  • Knowledge Management : Influence how we organize, manage, share, and utilize knowledge and information throughout the organization.
  • Product Planning Support : General support product/planning activities.

By default, in LINE Taiwan, we adopt Agile approach for new project, so that TPM must be familiar with Agile Methodologies, and then create necessary guides, sharing best practices, and lead project team to work together.

Besides, to make sure project success, depends on team structure you might also involve in :  Objectives Management, Resource Management, Stakeholder Management, People Management, Release Management, Procurement Management and Development Management.


Basic Qualifications

  • Experiences in Internet application development (Web and App) 
  • Agile project manageent methods - Scrum or Kanban.
  • Experience with adopting Confluence(Wiki) and JIRA for project management and reporting.
  • Strong communication skills with diagram methods presenting complex ideas accurately and clearly to all level of audiences.
  • Strong logical thinking and problem solving skills with tools/methods of logical reasoning.
  • Diagram methodology of system analysis.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with managing projects involving team members in multiple locations and with multiple languages.
  • Experience with delivering projects through either or both Waterfall model and Agile methodology.
  • Certifications with PMP/PRINCE2, Scrum or any other project management framework.
  • Experience with managing large-scale project or program.
  • Experience as an Agile Coach.
  • Experience as a tech lead with leading a development team from a technology perspective.
  • Experience as PMO lead/manager position.
  • Experience with managing a product life cycle as a product manager.
  • Experience with customizing

※Candidate should have Chinese (Mandarin) and either one of following language skills

  • Japanese
  • English

Note: In addition, Korean Language skill is a big plus but not essential

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